Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Volume II, Issue XLVI

We've Crossed the Delaware, Trenton Awaits

In the Winter of 1776 it seemed like the Revolution was lost. After a series of defeats the Continental Army was barely hanging on in their camp in Pennsylvania. Then George Washington risked everything and crossed the icy Delaware.

It was December 26, and the Hessian soldiers were snoozing after some heavy Christmas feasting when Washington's men surprised them. The Continental Army captured over 800 Hessians and rekindled the moral of the troops and the people.

It is helpful to remember that only a third of the people actually supported the Revolution. Another third were Tories and the rest were undecided. Still, after the brave attack on Trenton, new recruits and renewed support fueled the Continental Army as it pressed on.

Yesterday's election saw the Democrat monopoly in Congress broken. The House saw a return to a Republican majority while important seats were picked up in the Senate. But here's the real story:

After the Democrats gained contol of all elected bodies, they began to fundamentally change the strucure of our nation. Those who favored smaller government and more personal freedom [and responsibility] found themselves disenfranchised. Then they found their voice. The Tea Party movement grew, not around any cult of personality, but around principles. These principles had been neglected by leaders of both parties and that had lead to many people looking to anyone promising 'hope and change.' The problem was that the 'hope and change' that was forthcoming was really just and expansion of government [and debt] that threatened to permenantly diminish the status of our nation.

Determined to derail the destruction of America, Tea Party organizers rallied large numbers of citizens to come to Washington. Though the media tried to dismiss them, the movement was too visible to ignore and maintain credibility.

Citizens who had left government to the experts all their lives rolled up their sleeves and got involved in the business of government. A record number of regular citizens ran for office in this election. People like Rand Paul, who's background is medicine, not law and a host of others made the cut. Some like Christine Odonnell and Joe Miller won their primaries only to find their worst opposition residing in their own party!

Still, the citizens took back the House of Representatives and gained significant seats in the Senate. When people stepped forward the system worked. The Democrat monopoly has been toppled.

But the fight has just begun. Return to the status quo is not an option. Elected officials should have learned that an increasingly informed electorate will be holding their feet to the fire.

Already, the MSM is casting the Tea Party as a 'new problem' for Republicans. Yes, the people who brought the party back to life will now demand that Republicans fight for the principles that define us. Eric Cantor has already said as much this morning, saying voters have given the party 'another chance.' In Alaska and Delaware, the old guard has proven itself to be part of the problem. They must not be allowed to water down the enthusiasm that exists to return this Nation to her roots. If they are allowed to do so we risk repeating the mistakes of 2006 where many voters did not see them as a viable option.

The battle awaits. Government overreach and overspending must be reigned in. Trust must be restored and communication with the people reaffirmed. The American people need a good dose of Ronald Reagan's message that their greatness does not come from government... it comes from within each one of us. There is much to be done. The war is far from over, but today we are ready to face the foe head on.

Men and women of Faith and Honor are needed more than ever as citizen leaders, not in government but in our communities. The seeds of our greatness are not to be found in government, but rather in free people exercising their G-d-given gifts unrestrained by repressive government.

The Battle of Trenton.

Monday, April 19, 2010

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume II, Issue XVI

The 'Leaderless Movement's True Leaders

Patriots Assemble in Washington April 15, 2010

Richard Viguerie's 'Rules for Patriot Leaders:'

"You are the leadership you are looking for. Arm yourself!" Viguerie played a huge role in bringing about the Reagan Revolution but his roots are in William F. Buckley.

Rush Limbaugh and others have brought Buckley's thoughts to millions.Many of these people are ready to go to the source. At a Virginia Sovereignty rally Mr. Viguerie challenged us to do just that. 'Knowledge is Power.' Patriot, Empower Thyself!

We're ready to read the 'classics' as he calls them. We're the leaders that need to be in place to turn the country around.

Virginia Rally
"G-d may have given America one last chance." -- Richard Vigueri

'Fourth Leg' of the Conservative Movement

CULPEPER, Va., April 15th /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Richard A.Viguerie, Chairman of, told hundreds today at the Constitutional Tea Party's April 15th rally at Yowell Meadows Park in Historic Culpeper, Virginia their activism could be America's last chance to restore the Founding Fathers' vision for America. "The Tea Parties are an unfettered new force of the middle class tapping into the anger and disappointment felt not only towards Republicans and Democrats, but most major American institutions such as Wall Street, education, Hollywood, the media, big labor, and others who have betrayed their public trust," said Viguerie.

"This new force, unlike most conservative leaders, is unfettered by old relationships and ties," said Viguerie. Viguerie expressed his belief that the principles and philosophy championed by the Tea Parties constitute a fourth leg of the conservative movement.

"For 35 years, the conservative movement has made do with three legs-- foreign policy, social conservatism, and fiscal conservatism," reflected Viguerie. "It may take ten years, but this revolt of the middle class is the fourth leg the conservative movement has been waiting for."

"G-d may have given America one last chance to restore the vision of our Founding Fathers and empower citizens over their government," stated Viguerie.

April 15 Tea Party in Culpeper.

Yowell Meadows Park in Culpeper is where the Culpeper Minute Men assembled. It is April 15, 2010 and I'm listening to Constitutional Lawyer Michael Farris and Richard Viguerie befor boarding a bus for Washington, the Virginia Sovereignty Rally and the National Tax Day Tea Party. Sovereignty will be center stage today and is the subject of Mr. Farris' talk.

Michael Farris.

Now it's off to Washington.

Virginia Sovereignty Rally at the US Capitol.

More Pictures of the Virginia Sovereignty Rally [click to read]

Thousands at the Washington Monument

A group of patriots from Tennessee...

...form the 'Tyranny Response Team!"

This lady showed up before Michele Bachmann likened them to gangsters!

"We the People."

People Opposed to Obama's Policies... my favorite tee shirt message at the rally.

The 'Mob Czar' was there...

...and doesn't this mob look angry?

What am I doing wrong? this business owner asks.

People kept streaming in around the Monument. The crowd grew to possibly 100,000. By the time the speakers started there was no more grass visible.

IMG_9469 IMG_9474 IMG_9482 IMG_9485 IMG_9486 IMG_9489 IMG_9490 IMG_9492
Speaker portraits from the jumbotron, But later I was 25 feet from Michele Bachmann...

...and the thought 'Presidential' came to mind.

The sun went down. All too quickly it was over.

The Monument grounds were left spotless. Trash cans were filled to overflowing.

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