Wednesday, May 27, 2015

THYME Magazine:

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume IX, Issue XXIII

Recently I had to take my car to the shop before heading out to one of my part-time jobs. Walking to work in the morning light, I passed the First Presbyterian Church and the Temple House of Israel. The play of light and flowers seemed to be a blessing directly from the hand of the Divine! It was indeed a wonderful time to reflect on the blessings that He has given! In addition to opportunities to work and create, He gives the joy of family and friends. The happy opportunity to bless family (while you have a choice of reading options, my wife only has one husband, my children only one father), makes my decision to take a break from creating new content for the weekly magazine a sound one.

Yesterday, painting the safety gate on the porch of my daughter's new house, built by the other grandfather and beautified by my brush, it was a joy to contribute to the safety and goodness of a grandchild's life. I write this not as instruction to anyone but myself, but perhaps to explain why one like me is compelled to put down the tools occasionally and simply live life. Writing is a good thing, but living and investing in those dear to you is better. The next few months will be full of that, I pray. Building for the future is not always a high-visibility activity.

THYME Magazine will continue to present the SPECIAL BOOK SECTION: Pontifus, The Bridge Builder's Tale in Three Parts. Many of the subjects and ideas presented in the book first appeared in THYME. Please do enjoy the weekly presentation of each new chapter. THYME will resume its regular format in the Fall.Until then, enjoy the book and spend some time making a difference in someone's life.


Special Book Section

Three weeks ago we began the serial presentation of "Pontifus, The Bridge Builder's Tale in Three Parts." [1.] This week we present the fifth chapter of the first book: "Dinner Stop at the End of the World" Here [click to read]. This special book section will continue through the Summer. The full publication of THYME will resume in the Fall.

First Presbyterian Church, Staunton, Virginia.
Photo by Bob Kirchman